Starter Kit + 4 Pods (UK)


This JUUL starter kit comes with the device, USB charger and four pods. The nicotine strength of each pod is 9mg, which is the strongest available for any starter kit. The flavours of each pod are Mango Nectar, glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco and Royal Crème. If you are a heavy smoker who is looking to make the switch to JUUL then this starter kit is an ideal place to start.

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This UK JUUL starter kit is the kit that you want to buy if you’re looking for a smoother vaping experience that helps you ease out of tobacco use without experiencing a massive nicotine rush every time you vape. While JUUL’s pods for the US and Canadian markets come in a very cigarette-like nicotine strength of up to 59 mg, local laws in the UK and Europe prohibit such high nicotine strengths. JUUL pods for the UK market are available in nicotine strengths of 9 and 18 mg. You’ll get the 18 mg pods with this UK JUUL starter kit.

JUUL is the world’s best-known vaping device, and that’s because it is simple, tasty and satisfying – exactly what you need when you’re making the transition from smoking to vaping. Just charge the device with the magnetic USB charger, drop in a pod and puff on the JUUL as if it were a cigarette. This kit includes JUUL’s four most popular flavours, so you’re certain to find one that you love.

The four pods JUUL starter kits with UK flavours include the following:

JUUL Starter Kits Pods Details
Pods/Pack: 4
Flavour: Mango, Mint, Tobacco, Vanilla
Nicotine/Pod: 9mg
Liquid/Pod: 0.7 ML
Item Weight: 0.1 lbs
Ingredients: glycerol, propylene glycol, flavour, nicotine, benzoic acid
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