Vaped FAQs

Below are some of our more common frequently asked questions about our service. We ship all of our products from Los Angeles California directly to Australian customers. We do not have a presence in Australia and our main office is in Singapore. It is not illegal for you to buy the products on our site from Australia as long as you follow the TGA’s guidelines on importation of nicotine-based products.

Pods FAQs

Are your pods genuine or are they cheap knock offs from china?

Yes. We source all our products from legitimate wholesalers that are located within the USA. All products are genuine brand pods, e-liquids and devices..

Do your pods contain nicotine salt?

Yes. All pods contain 5%-6% nicotine salts which is an addictive chemical. If you do not use nicotine currently (smoking etc) then it is not recommended that you use our products. The best use of the products we offer is as alternative for smoking.

Do I need to be 18 to buy pods from your website?

Yes. It is illegal to buy nicotine-based products if you are under the age of 18. When we ship orders, it is required that you show ID to the courier when it is delivered to receive your package. There are no circumstances where any exceptions are made. If you don’t have valid ID you will not be able to receive your order and it will be returned to us. We will then refund your money and block you from ordering from our site again.

Do all of your pods work on all the devices you sell?

Yes. You can order any of the pods from our site and they will work on all the devices that we sell. This allows you to have a greater variety of flavours to select from.

Do you offer a money back guarantee on your pods?

If your pods are faulty, leaking or have any defect which renders them unable to use then we will refund your order. Contact our customer support team for more details. We also provide a 90-day moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of the pods you buy.

E-Liquids FAQs

What sizes are your e-liquid bottles that you offer?

All the flavours of e-liquids on our site come in a 60ML bottle. Despite the fact that you may see a bottle of different size in our website’s images.

Do the E-Liquids on your site contain nicotine?

Yes. All of the e-liquids we offer on our site contain 6% nicotine salt. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and not recommend if you have never taken it before. Our products are offered as a smoking alternative and not recommend for people who do not vape nicotine or smoke tobacco.

Why do you only offer one brand of E-Liquids?

We currently only offer Naked100 brand e-liquids. We do have plans to increase our range of e-liquids, but we found that Naked100 is one of the most popular ones on the market. If you want a specific brand of vape juice, then feel free to contact our support team and recommend.

What do I do if the bottle arrives and its leaking?

Contact our support team with your order details and we can issue a refund or alternately we can ship you a new order to replace the defected bottle. We do require you to send the bottle back to us to obtain a refund. We will pay for the shipping costs of the return.

Do I need to be 18 years old to buy E-Liquids from your site?

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Vape Devices FAQs

Do all the pods on your site work with all the devices?

Yes, you can order any of the pods from our site and they will work on all the devices that we offer. Most of the accessories work between all the devices as well.

My vape device doesn’t work, is it broken?

First, check to see if there is an air bubble in the pod towards the bottom where the wick is located. You can do this by squeezing the sides of the pod which usually pushes the air bubble to the top. This should allow you to get a full draw again. Also, make sure the pop us pushed into the device properly and take 2-3 draws. This will ensure that the pod is heated, and the vapour will pass through the top of the pod into your mouth.

If all the devices are the same, why are they priced differently?

Different brands charge different amounts for their vaping devices. The most expensive is the Juul which has the most popular brand in the market. The other devices do the same job but you can save a few dollars when you buy them.

Can I resell your vape devices?

No. all products on this site are not able to be bought and re-sold. We are not a wholesaler and do have agreements with the brands to act as a wholesaler.

What is the difference between a starter kit and devices?

The vape starter kits provide you with 2-4 pods of multiple flavours with charger. The devices just include the device and the charger. If you are new to vaping then the best place to start is with our vaping stater kits.

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