Keeping your JUUL charged when you are on the go is perhaps the biggest issue with using these products. We have the best range of JUUL chargers, plus third-party chargers that work with JUUL.

Our products are shipped from our New Zealand warehouse using DHL Express courier which you can track from the moment we ship till when the order arrives at your door. All of our JUUL chargers are covered by our 30 days 100% money-back guarantee.

JUUL Chargers FAQs

Yes. All Juul chargers run off a USB connection so as long as you have a USB port available you will be able to charge your device. It doesn’t matter if your Juul is manufactured overseas, the universal USB port can be used by anyone.

Yes, it is possible. But you will need a cable that plugs into your phones charging port with a USB connection to allow you to charge your device. This is slower then if you used a regular USB port connected to a power source.

For most users, the Juul will stay charged for a day’s use. This obviously depends on how much you use your device during the day. If you are a heavy user then one of our portable Juul chargers will be a useful addition to your vaping.

If you have your Juul charging via a USB port that is connected to a power source such as a laptop your device will charge within around 20 minutes, sometimes sooner if the batter is not fully depleted. If you are charging your device via your phone or charging case it can take longer.

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