Buy Grape Juul Compatible Pods

Our Grape flavoured Juul pods are a popular option for those who enjoy vaping fruit flavours. We offer 4 brands, each with offer their own unique twist on the grape flavour.

Sea100 grape pods offer 5% nicotine with 4 pods per packet. Our Fuma grape juicy grape pods provide you with 5.5% nicotine per pod and also come with 4 pods in each box. The Cali Pods and Delicious pods both offer a similar grape flavour with 5% nicotine salt per pods. They also come with 4 pods per packet.

One box of pods is roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes with regards to the amount of draws that you get per pod. Of course, this estimate will vary depending on how much vaping you do. All of our grape Juul compatible pods are covered by our 90-day full money back guarantee. You are able to use all of these pods with any of the vaping pen devices we sell, including the Juul.

All grape flavoured Juul compatible pods contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is not recommended for those who have not used it before. Vaping should be an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

You need to be over 18 years old but buy these products. Valid ID documentation is required to receive the order from courier. Please read our important information about buying products on our site at the bottom of the page before buying Juul pods or devices from our site.

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