About Vaped Co.

We provide Australian and New Zealand people with the chance to make the switch to JUUL vaping products to assist with them reducing or hopefully quitting cigarettes.

We are not affiliated in anyway with JUUL Labs. We simply resell their products on our website.

We source legitimate JUUL products from wholesalers throughout the USA, Canada and UK and import them to our New Zealand warehouse in Christchurch. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of the products listed on our site are legitimate and not fakes. We offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee for every order. So if you feel like that you didn’t get what you paid for it is a simple process to get your money back.

We ship all orders from New Zealand which makes the transit time for orders in Australia to be as low as 1-2 business day for most major cities. All of our orders are shipped with tracking numbers so you can follow it all the way to your front door.

These products contain nicotine which is a very addictive chemical. It is required by law that you are over 18 to purchase them. When you receive your first order from us you will need to show valid ID to ensure you are of legal age. We work hard to ensure that these products are not used by minors.

We want to help you make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes as we believe it is a much better alternative. Although we cannot make any claims on the effectiveness of using vaping to quit smoking, the owners of the business were successful in using JUUL to stop smoking.

We understand that the pods and devices are not cheap and offer discounts for those who buy in bulk so that you can save money on your monthly supply of pods. You should get around 250 puffs from each pod. With four pods in a pack, you lower the amount of money you spend on cigarettes considerably if you are prepared to make the switch to vaping too.

We look forward to helping to make the switch to JUUL and are always available to answer any questions via our support email and phone number.