What is Juul?

What is JUUL?

It’s the world’s most popular electronic cigarette by a wide margin. It emerged as the clear leader in an industry in which no brand had ever controlled more than about a third of the market. It’s a brand that’s been valued at a massive $38 billion. We’re talking, of course, about JUUL. If you’re currently a cigarette smoker, you’ve almost certainly heard of the JUUL e-cigarette already – and if you haven’t, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen no shortage of people puffing on the JUUL in Australia.

So, what is a JUUL? How does the JUUL e-cigarette work – and if you’re currently a smoker, is the JUUL right for you? We’ll give you the short answer: yes! This is your comprehensive introduction to JUUL in Australia.

What Is JUUL?

JUUL is an electronic cigarette – but it isn’t just any e-cigarette. It’s the most popular one in the world. If you’re new to vaping, though, you might find it useful to learn more about what e-cigarettes are and how they work.

An e-cigarette is a device that allows you to absorb nicotine by inhaling it. It replaces the nicotine that you would get when smoking a cigarette, and because it feels much like smoking, many people find it easy to quit smoking with e-cigarettes – even if they previously tried and failed with traditional nicotine replacement products. The problem with nicotine replacement products is that, without the ability to inhale the nicotine, you don’t get the same sense of satisfaction that you get when smoking.

JUUL uses a heating wire called an atomizer coil to heat a nicotine-infused liquid called e-liquid. Heating the e-liquid vaporizes it, creating clouds that you inhale. Along with nicotine, e-liquid contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and food-grade flavours. The vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol dilute the nicotine and flavours, and they also create the clouds that you see when you vape. The flavours give e-liquid its pleasant taste. Using various combinations of flavours, companies can create e-liquids that taste like almost anything – including many popular snacks and beverages.

How would you like to taste a mango smoothie instead of tobacco smoke when you get your dose of nicotine? Flavour is a major part of what gives vaping its magic, and JUUL offers some of the most popular e-liquid flavours in the world.

How Is JUUL Different From Other E-Cigarettes?

All e-cigarettes work in essentially the same way, but JUUL isn’t just any e-cigarette – and that’s why it has experienced massive worldwide popularity while other e-cigarette brands have struggled to gain market share.

We could fill an entire article with the features that make JUUL special, but we’ll just tell you about the two core features that have propelled this e-cigarette to worldwide significance.

First Pod-Based E-Cigarette

When you examine the JUUL, you’ll notice that it stores its e-liquid in translucent plastic pods. The pod’s atomizer coil is at the bottom, and the e-liquid flows to the coil through two small silica wicks. As you use the JUUL pods, gravity naturally keeps the e-liquid close to the wicks to maintain consistent flow. Since the pod is translucent, you can easily see how much e-liquid is left. When the pod is empty, you’ll simply pull it out of the JUUL, throw it away and replace it with a new one. The pod-based design of the JUUL also makes it possible to change flavours with zero effort – just replace the pod when you’re in the mood for a different flavour.

First Mainstream E-Cigarette With Nicotine Salt

The most significant difference between JUUL and traditional e-cigarettes is in the nicotine strength of its e-liquid. With most traditional e-liquids, the highest available nicotine strength is around 18 mg – and with a tiny cigarette-shaped vaping device, that’s not enough nicotine to fully replace a cigarette. The JUUL, on the other hand, has a standard nicotine strength of 59 mg. Using the JUUL, you’ll absorb about as much nicotine as you would when smoking.

So, if the JUUL is just as good as a cigarette, why haven’t e-cigarette makers always offered higher-nicotine e-liquids? The answer is that traditional e-liquids don’t use the same type of nicotine as JUUL. The major shortcoming of traditional e-liquids is that they become extremely harsh to inhale at nicotine strengths higher than about 18 mg. JUUL solved that problem by creating – and patenting – nicotine salt e-liquid.

Since it is less alkaline than traditional e-liquid, nicotine salt e-liquid – even at very high nicotine strengths – is very smooth and pleasant to inhale. That’s what has enabled the JUUL to deliver nicotine as efficiently as a cigarette. While many other companies now offer nicotine salt e-liquids as well, JUUL was there first – and it remains the world’s most popular vaping device.

How Does JUUL Work?

JUUL is an incredibly simple device to use, and that’s one reason why it has become so popular throughout the world. Many people have, in fact, compared JUUL to an Apple device in its inherent simplicity and usability.

Here’s how it works.

When you receive your JUUL starter kit, you’ll remove the battery and charger from the package and connect the charger to your computer’s USB port. The charger is a simple dock with a built-in magnet that holds the battery in place. Simply drop in the battery, and it begins charging immediately. Watch the indicator light, and you’ll know when the charge cycle is complete.

When the battery is fully charged, pop a JUUL pod out of its foil-sealed package and remove the plastic cap from the bottom. Push the pod into the holder at the top of the JUUL battery.

To use the JUUL, just puff on it as if it were a cigarette. When you inhale, the device’s puff sensor activates, and vapour enters your mouth. Inhale the vapour as you would cigarette smoke. That’s it! Since the JUUL delivers about as much vapour per puff as a puff of cigarette smoke, your typical vaping session should last about the same length of time as a smoking session.

As you use the JUUL, you’ll only need to do two things: charge the battery when it’s dead and replace the pod when it’s empty.

Isn’t Nicotine E-Liquid Illegal in Australia?

If you’ve read at all about vaping or visited a local vape shop, you’ve probably noticed that none of the e-liquids available here in Australia contain nicotine. That’s because liquid nicotine is a controlled substance here, and it is not available over the counter. It is, however, possible to import a limited quantity of nicotine e-liquid into Australia for personal use. Read our guide on how to get JUUL in Australia for more details.

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