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How to Buy JUUL in Australia

You’ve checked your local convenience stores, and you’ve visited local vape shops. You’ve looked everywhere for it, and one thing has become abundantly clear: You can’t buy JUUL in Australia.

How, then, are you able to buy JUUL right here at That’s what we’re going to explain now in our guide describing how to get JUUL in Australia.

Why Isn’t JUUL in Australian Vape Shops?

You can’t find JUUL in Australian vape shops for one simple reason: Liquid nicotine is a controlled substance here in Australia. You can’t buy JUUL pods without nicotine, so JUUL isn’t available in any store here.

How Can Sell JUUL?

We can sell JUUL in Australia here at thanks to the specific way in which Australian law deals with controlled substances that have therapeutic value. We’ll explain.

Since liquid nicotine is a controlled substance, you can’t buy it over the counter from any retailer in Australia. Therefore, you can buy nicotine-free e-liquid at domestic vape shops, but you can’t buy vape juice that does contain nicotine – and if you’re a smoker, that’s probably what you want.

Like other controlled substances with therapeutic value, however, you’re free to buy e-liquid with nicotine if you have a doctor’s prescription.

Once you have that prescription, you have two options:

  • You can bring your prescription to a compounding pharmacy and buy nicotine e-liquid there. Be aware, though, that not every pharmacy has the required ingredients for making e-liquid. Even the pharmacies that do have the required ingredients may not know how to make an e-liquid that would actually be enjoyable to use. Obviously, you can also expect a pharmacy to either have an extremely limited flavour selection or to not have any e-liquid flavours available at all.
  • You can import your e-liquid from abroad. That’s where comes in. We source JUUL kits and JUUL pods from authorized distributors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and ship those pods to Australia from our warehouse in New Zealand. Australian law allows you to import therapeutic nicotine for personal use as long as you do not exceed a three-month supply in any individual shipment or a 15-month supply during a year.

I Need a Nicotine Prescription to Buy JUUL in Australia?

Yes. Australian law requires you to have a doctor’s prescription for liquid nicotine, even if you source that nicotine from abroad. It’s a good idea to keep a picture of the prescription on your phone in case it’s requested by a customs agent. Remember that customs agents have the right to open and inspect any incoming package.

You might think that it would be easy to get a doctor to write a prescription for e-liquid if your only alternative is to continue smoking cigarettes. Some doctors, however, haven’t researched vaping at length and are nervous about its unknown health effects. If you have trouble getting an e-liquid prescription from your preferred health practitioner, direct that person to the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association. The ATHRA website has a wealth of information that can help healthcare professionals.

Will Request My Nicotine Prescription?

No. Obtaining a prescription for nicotine before buying JUUL in Australia is your responsibility. is not a pharmacy and does not have the right to request or view your prescription.

What’s It Like to Buy JUUL in Australia?

Once you have the required nicotine prescription, buying JUUL at is as easy as buying from any domestic seller – and since we ship out of New Zealand, you’ll get your JUUL kit and JUUL pods lightning fast.

The best part of buying JUUL in Australia is that we offer the full range of JUUL colours and flavours available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. JUUL owners in the United States can’t get any flavours except tobacco and menthol. Owners in the United Kingdom, meanwhile, can’t buy JUUL pods in nicotine strengths higher than 18 mg.

Buying from gives you the best of all worlds because we source our JUUL products from all of those regions. Minus the minor inconvenience of obtaining a prescription, it may actually be the case that no vaper in the world has it better than an Australian JUUL owner!

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