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Doctors Support Vaping to Stop Smoking

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has announced that they support the use of e-cigarettes such as JUUL to assist with stop smoking.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that deliver nicotine in a vapour without tobacco or smoke. The device heats a liquid into an aerosol for inhalation, simulating the behavioural and sensory aspects of smoking. The liquid is usually made up of propylene glycol and glycerol, with or without nicotine and flavours, stored in disposable cartridges or refillable tanks. The nicotine content of e-cigarettes can vary from zero to 50 mg/mL. E-cigarette users are sometimes referred to as ‘vapers’ and e-cigarette use as ‘vaping’.

A Cochrane review identified two completed randomised controlled trials of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation that had a follow-up at six months or longer (n = 662).90 These two studies compared e-cigarettes containing nicotine to placebo e-cigarettes. Participants using a nicotine-containing e-cigarette were more likely to have abstained from smoking for at least six months, compared with participants using placebo e-cigarette.

This is the first time Australian doctors have claimed that nicotine vaping products are useful as a treatment option for people who smoke to quit cigarettes. GPs have been reluctant to support vaping as an option for their patients to quit smoking due to the lack of testing and the fact that the RACGP did not support it. 

If you are looking to quit smoking now is the time to talk to your doctor about using products like JUUL to help you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle

You can read the full report to view the data and comments from the testing of e-cigarettes.

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